Full Coverage Reusable Safety Face Shield with Glasses Frame

This face protection is designed with a transparent shield, which won't affect your view. A fully adjustable glass frame that ensures the shield stays comfortable and convenient when putting on. You can use it while doing dental, beauty, work, etc. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry or store, won't take much space. Saves your forehead from latex or foam bumpers. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, wear glasses, latex allergies, or just don't like headband-style face shields. Requires light assembly by clipping the glasses to the shield and removing the protective film from both sides but takes less than a minute.

Quantity: 1 count
Material: ABS
Frame color: transparent
Face Shield Size: 10" x 7.75" / 25.4cm x 20cm

• Convenient to wear or take off
• Shield screen is mounted on the goggle
• Glasses Frame
• Reusable
• Anti-Fogging
• Transparent, Lightweight and Comfortable
• Durable and long-lasting, not easy to break nor to crack

We have heard from many concerned people regarding increased pricing. We share your frustration. Unfortunately, our entire supply chain has been affected by a global supply shortage and the difficulties of navigating many logistical challenges during COVID-19. This is a market reality driven by the worldwide spike in demand for hand sanitizer.

Please note that due necessary health and safety reasons, once shipped, it cannot be returned for refund. These items are non-refundable and non-returnable. 


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