Invigo Coffee Caramel - Nespresso® Compatible

Nespresso® Compatible

The Invigo Coffee Classic delivers the conventional taste of coffee that all seasoned drinkers love. For starters, this espresso capsule is made from 100% arabica coffee beans. There are two different species of coffee that are widely grown. Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. Of the two, Coffee Arabica offers the highest quality.

Robusta has a taste with notes that are reminiscent of burning rubber and tires. However, our 100% Coffee Arabica Invigo Classic offers a far more enjoyable taste. Additionally, the Invigo Classic coffee capsule has a naturally smooth flavour and subtle notes of flavour. It’s not bland. Instead, it offers a taste that hovers in the sweet spot between mild and sour.

The Invigo Coffee Classic can also be described as medium-bodied. It is complete with a honey flavour that is halfway between mild and rich. It’s not quite as heavy on the tongue as a full-bodied blend. However, it has more weight than your ordinary light-bodied blend.

Our Invigo Coffee Vanilla occupies the sweet spot between lightness and richness. The extra honey flavour is added just right to make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the unique complex flavour of the coffee capsule. It’s a great coffee blend that you won’t get tired of.

As a medium-bodied coffee pod, the Invigo Coffee Classic has been roasted to a level that ensures the preservation of the unique taste of the coffee beans. Additionally, this is combined with a deep, ingrained sweetness that balances the sour appropriately.

We have heard from many concerned people regarding increased pricing. We share your frustration. Unfortunately, our entire supply chain has been affected by a global supply shortage and the difficulties of navigating many logistical challenges during COVID-19. This is a market reality driven by the worldwide spike in demand for hand sanitizer.

Please note that due necessary health and safety reasons, once shipped, it cannot be returned for refund. These items are non-refundable and non-returnable. 


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