Invigo Coffee Chocolate - Nespresso® Compatible

Nespresso® Compatible

Do you love chocolate? Do you like the way chocolate feels in your mouth? Our Invigo Coffee Chocolate is expertly combined to provide you with the delicious taste of chocolate. This amazing coffee capsule is a fully decadent experience for your taste buds. It is made using the finest coffee beans selected from state of the art farms in South America. Our experts take the time to hand-pick ripe cherries that are transformed into tasty coffee beans. As such, when you use this espresso capsule, you can expect a fully immersive experience for your senses.

Invigo Coffee Chocolate pairs the intense aroma of South American coffee beans with the rich, deep flavour of superior chocolate. Our experts take the time to select only the best chocolate flavour to spice up your coffee experience. This coffee pod is the perfect mix of aroma and taste. Here at Invigo Coffee, we understand the need for a wholesome coffee experience. Therefore, in addition to the sweet taste of this coffee capsule, you can expect the release of an intense aroma that will delight and tantalize you.

The Invigo Coffee Chocolate is the perfect mix of ingredients for coffee lovers. It is a smooth blend that delivers a chocolate flavour that isn’t over the top. This means that you can enjoy the stimulating effects of chocolate while taking in the juicy, earthy roasted notes of South American coffee beans.

We have heard from many concerned people regarding increased pricing. We share your frustration. Unfortunately, our entire supply chain has been affected by a global supply shortage and the difficulties of navigating many logistical challenges during COVID-19. This is a market reality driven by the worldwide spike in demand for hand sanitizer.

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